Forum voor Anarchisme

Forum voor Anarchisme

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Welcome to the FvA website, this site functions as a collection of resources and links related to Anarchism.

What is FvA

FvA is a platform dedicated to the propagation and spreading of social and anarchist ideas, news, demonstrations, solidarity and self liberating materials.

A platform to provide online tools and space for networking, communication and meeting between organizations, affinity groups and individuals. To create the opportunity for an online community, sharing of news and information, planning of actions, and for social connection with like-minded people.

What we are not

  • A replacement for existing organizations or platforms, FvA is not intended to replace or get in the way of organizations, but rather to be used as a loudspeaker for these organizations and support them.
  • A member organization.

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We have set up quite a network of groups on Telegram (see @fva_network for overview). Want to join? We welcome new users in the LOBBY group where we first ask some questions to keep the groups safe. When you are through the questions we will send you an invitation.

  • @fva_network | Overview of our channels and groups, such as our regional groups or groups per anarchist movement. Channels:

Telegram Channels

Fva online

  • Our forum, a social place run by and for anarchists. For sharing news, events, memes and more.
  • The Anarcho Krant, this is a channel on the forum linked to Dutch anarchist websites (mostly news in Dutch).
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

For contact or questions email or leave a message on the forum or in the telegram group.