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Punks for Rojava

Punks for Rojava

September 25, 2022 | FvA

Solidarity Campaign for Rojava

Solidarity Campaign for Rojava. Together with Radical Solidarity, Federation of Socials Anarchism and several people from the Kurdish community we are kick-starting a Punks for Rojava solidarity campaign, starting with a Voku (20 oktober, Joe’s garage’) and benefit show (Nov 18, Vrankrijk) in Amsterdam and asking you to come and join the Punks for Rojava movement.

What is Punks for Rojava

Punks for Rojava is an international network in the punk community with the goal of providing support for Rojava and educating people about what is happening in Rojava and the ideology on which their society is built. The common ground between the society in Rojava, which is based on an ideology/political system called Democratic Confederalism has many similarities with the ideology of the international punk community, and rejects the idea of nation-states, religious influence on society, dictatorship in all its forms, as well as capitalism. It’s ‘based on direct democracy, total gender equality, secularism, ethical pluralism and ecology.

The situation

Right now, Rojava is heavy under attack by the Turkish state, using chemical weapons and bombing and attacking civilians. They mutilated bodies of dead female soldiers, looted villages and towns and made living conditions for civilians in the area impossible. With the Punks for Rojava we hope to create awareness about Rojava itself and to give heart to our internationalist comrades. The donations will be used to purchase gas masks for civilians to protect themselves from the chemical attacks and to the fighters trying to protect Rojava.

The plan

Currently, we are setting up our first benefit in Amsterdam, and we would like to invite everyone to set up a Punks for Rojava night in your locale area. It could be a pub night at your local bar, a punk gig, or even a punk compilation. Currently, we are already ordering T-shirts and stickers for additional donations.

How to join

Check what is available to you, you can do a bar night or a Voku and try to raise some money that way. If you have a free place nearby or another place where bands can play you can contact them to ask if you can organize a band night there, if it is a bit of a cool place they are definitely open to it.

If you are in a band and would like to help out, let us know via email and we will make a list of affiliated bands!

We are working on merch (stickers & T-shirts) and pamphlets for additional info and donations. You can contact us at fva[at] to make sure it comes your way during the evening. You can also reach us at that email Address for further questions. For example, maybe you need help finding bands or something.

Contact: fva[at]

Do you want to know more about Rojava? Check Insight into the Rojava Revolution (Punks for Rojava) for a more comprehensive article on the Rojava revolution.

As punks and anarchists, we stand firm against war, nationalism and religious fundamentalism; against enslavement of women, arms trafficking, and in mutual solidarity and support of our comrades’ direct democratic project. #RiseUp4Rojava #Punks4Rojava